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About Us

At Native Ranch Families, this is a family affair....

We are a family, located in beautiful North Carolina that breeds Doodle mixes.   We specialize in Miniature Goldendoodles, but occasionally will breed Bernedoodles or English Creme Golden Retrievers.
We strive to breed healthy, loving, easy-to-train pets that will become part of your family.  

Our breeding program is run by using guardian homes.   We do not keep our dogs in kennels, but they live with their guardian home and come to us to whelp (give birth to puppies).  They stay with us for eight weeks and then, when ready, they return to their guardian home.   We believe that loved, happy Momma dogs, make for the best and loving Mothers.   Once our Mother dogs are done with their breeding they are then fixed and ownership is transferred to their guardian home pet parents.   If you are interested in becoming a guardian home, please contact me for further information.   This is a very popular way to attain a Goldendoodle at no cost.   We are grateful to have a very close relationship with our guardian home pet parents.  


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Our Story

All of our breeding dogs are hand picked for excellent temperment, physical traits, calm and mellow behavior.  All of our parents are tested around other animals, children and public situations to ensure that we are breeding well rounded puppies.   Once we have decided that our breeding dogs meet those traits, we have them genetic and vet tested to ensure that we are breeding healthy dogs.  
We would love for you to visit us at our home and pick out the perfect addition to your family.  However, we understand that sometimes that's not possibly, so we do our best to work with families virtually to chose your pup.   If needed, we can have your puppy safely transported to you, by means of ground or by Flight Nanny.   We are also happy to meet you at a North Carolina Airport for a puppy hand-off.  We have a passion for matching families with their perfect puppy.  

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