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These are a few of our Favorite Things

Leaving the Pack

In order to help with separating from their litter-mates, we will provide an item with their litter-mate and Mom's scent on it.   I recommend keeping this near them when they get anxious or are laying down to sleep.

If you would like, you can also purchase this to that has a heartbeat sound that helps soothe puppies because it reminds them of snuggling with their litter-mates in their puppy pile.


Heartbeat Toy

Potty Training

My recommendation is to skip the potty pads ad take your puppy to where you want them to "do their business".  When you put them on the grass and they go potty, use a term every time and praise them.   We tell them "hurry, hurry" and then when they go they get lots of praise.  

While they are you, you can put them in their crate with a divider.  Ensure that the divider is only allowing them to have a small place to sleep.  If you give them too much space then they will sleep on one end and potty on the other.   The goal is to teach them to hold it until they are put where they are allowed to go.

If they use the restroom in the crate, it is usually because it is too big or they have been left in their too long.  

Here is the crate and pet waste scooper that we recommend.


Dry Fields


Your puppy is currently on Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice.  I recommend that you don't change you puppy's food right away as that can cause stomach issues.   If you plan on changing the food do so slowly.

Start by mixing 75% of the food that I provided with 25% of the new food for a couple of days.  Then up the amount to 50% of original food and 50% of new food for a few days.  Then do 25% of the original food and 75% of the new food for a few days.   Watch for any abnormal reactions to the new food.   If the puppy starts having loose stools, increase the days  that they are on the mixed portion to allow their stomachs to acclimate.  If there are no reactions to the new food, then you should be able to give them 100% of the new food at this point.    

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