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F1b Cavapoo

(1/4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 3/4 Mini Poodle)

3 Male 

15lbs full grown












(1/2 French Bulldog and 1/2 Boston Terrier)

2 Males and 1 Female

15-20lbs full grown



Coming Soon!

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Our f1b Mini Goldendoodles will be about 20-25 lbs full grown.   They are ready for their new homes mid fall.  All puppies are up to date with their vaccinations, de-worming and are microchipped. 


F1 Cavapoo

F1 Cavapoos.JPG

Our F1 Cavapoos will be about 15 lbs full grown.    All puppies will be up to date with their vaccinations, de-worming and are microchipped. 


If you would like to be added to the waitlist for either litter, please contact me at 818-631-5327.
Once you sign up on waitlist, we will contact you for puppy selection day.  When you find your puppy on puppy selection day you will leave $250 non refundable deposit on your puppy.   When puppy turns eight weeks old, you can pick up you puppy and pay the remaining balance. 

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Our Breeding Program

Mini Goldendoodle F1b.jpg

Mini Goldendoodle F1b

Mini Goldendoodles F1b are 75% Miniature Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.  These puppies are very affectionate, easy to train and have a low shed/allergen factor.


Mini Goldendoodle F1bb

Mini Goldendoodle F1bb are 87.5% Miniature Poodle 12.5% Golden Retriever.  Just like the F1b's these dogs are very affectionate, easy to train, and have a very high probability of being completely non-shedding.

Baily 005.jpg

Mini Bernedoodle F1b

F1b Mini Goldendoodles are 75% Miniature Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog.   These dogs are fun, high energy and loving.   They usually come with beautiful markings and are typically non-shedding.   These dogs are best with an active family since the Bernese Mountain Dog is a working breed. 


We occasionally have beautiful, loving Cavapoo.   Cavapoo puppies are a cross breed of a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the smallest of the spaniels and was bred to sit on King Charles lap.  If you are looking for a cuddle -buddy, this is your dog.  The Cavapoos will be around the 15lbs range full grown. 

Cavapoo 2.HEIC
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Hi, I’m Kellie

We are so happy that you've found us.   It brings us joy when we see families get their new puppy.   If you are a first time dog owner, or this is for 10th dog, you are always welcome to ask any questions. All of the photos of the dogs on our website are our dogs and puppies.  We raise our puppies in our home and our whole family takes part in their care.   We love all of our puppies and want them to have wonderful forever homes.   So because of that we differ from other breeders as we match our puppies to their new owners.   We make sure that their new owner is a good match for them.  Typically breeders will take a list of who wants males/females and work down a waitlist as soon as the puppies are born.   We don't even allow visitors to meet our puppies until they are six to seven weeks old.  First, because we are protecting their delicate immune systems and second, because their personalities are developed by this age.   We want their future families to fall in love with them, not only because they are adorable, but because of  a perfect personality match.  

We have learned so much as we have been doing this quite a while.   It is our passion, so we are happy to guide you along the way.  We look forward to meeting you soon!  


"Thank you for Blaze, he has turned out to be an amazing companion dog for our Autistic son.".  

Blaze's Owner

Ten Stars for Alfie!

This little goofball has brought so much joy to our lives!

Alfie’s Owner

"As first time dog owners, we appreciated all the communication and reccomendations from for Leo.  He is just out of this world and we are totally in LOVE" 

Leo’s Owner

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Ask Me Anything

Interested in finding out about our puppies? 

Shoot me a note and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.  

We are located in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.   Which is on the beautiful East Coast close to Wilmington and Jacksonville, NC.  


Thanks for submitting!

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